New Beginnings

So we have some news! We will be moving roasting operations to our dearest friends at Snowdrift Coffee in Roscoe Illinois. Our great friends Rita and Ant will be fulfilling the roast orders and helping with customer service in order to allow Máquina to grow in a sustainable and organic way. This is a departure from the latest trend of selling companies to larger companies these days. Gabe will still manage the green coffee procurement and the brand management but with Rita and Ant's help Máquina will have room and space to flourish in the way Gabe always wanted it to. We want Máquina to remain unique and special and among the favorites of all those folks who love coffee or come into it as new fanatics. Gabe will continue to be based in Pennsylvania in order to provide for his daughter Amelia but will be traveling to Roscoe often to calibrate and to be sure we have everything in place to keep kicking butt.

Máquina will start roasting out of Roscoe on March 1st. All wholesale inquiries should be emailed to


thanks for all the love and support for the last 16 + months!