Good-Bye July

Summer is hot here. But we have managed to crank out the coffee without dying of heat stroke! In fact we have gained some new friends, people who are really into our coffees. I have been able to book some truly delicious coffees for Maquina. I love roasting delicious coffees. You can smell the potential at first crack.

We have also been thinking about what it would mean to grow in a meaningful way. Lots of things going on in the world that in my view, are pushing me to think about what I can do as a small biz owner. If I want to be a positive force in the world, I cannot do it out of my garage. Not in the way that I want to see change. So there is much to discuss in my household., with my significant other who is also my partner and best friend.

Only great things. We are excited to see where this takes us.