Summer heat is a Conflict!

So summer is here. Temperatures of over 85 degrees are commencing here in West Chester PA and the humidity is NO JOKE. This is a learning process for me as I have been roasting coffee for a long time in more temperate climate (California) and not so humid environments. 

It has led me to believe that I may in fact need to invest at some point in finishing and insulating the garage in a way that would allow me to air condition it or at least make it more climate control ready for the green coffee. Roasting in this heat and humidity just isn't pleasant. I remember one year in Portland, OR where the temps hit over 103 degrees in May and it was the WORST for all of the production roasters I knew at Stumptown. It was such a challenge to hit your marks and to be able to repeat your profiles in the same way you could do it in the perfect climate of autumn.

I believe in transparency which is why I am writing this post. It is a challenge to roast super rad and consistently in extreme heat/humidity. But I can do it. I have had to tweak the way I approach coffees and it mostly means I also am roasting mad early or later in the evening when the temps have cooled off a bit. I do this both for the coffee and myself and ultimately my family who don't want to deal with cranky pants Boscana anyway.

We have such a SOLID coffee line up right now, so all of my attention and care is really in roasting these coffees to the very best of my ability. The Ethiopia Asasa seriously blows me away every time I brew it. If you love the fruit and body of a natural Ethiopia without the sometimes funkiness then this coffee will hit the spot, TRUST. The Colombia Familia Penna is juicy and citrusy and sweet in all the best ways and the Peru Claro De Luna defies expectations of a Peru. The Kenya Gakuyuini is fantastic, and I dunno if I will cup a better Kenya this season. Holy cow.

If I can maintain the lineup this solid, then the fine folks that buy our coffees will be even more stoked. We have some delicious Guatemalan and El Salvador coffees coming up soon, along with another tasty Ethiopian from our buds at Red Fox Coffee Merchants. 

I continue to be inspired to do my very best by these coffees because so much work has gone into sourcing these. 

Good coffee and good people have been keeping my head above the shitty waters that are our socio-political issues right now. So thanks to you, we keep on keeping on. 

Stay True.