Running out of coffees is less fun than I thought!

Most companies I have worked for had coffees that were long in the tooth. Meaning, that the green buyer bought ambitiously and then the company had to get rid of the coffee somehow or made it work. This typically means making a blend from it if you are thoughtful or just sprinkling it everywhere until it's gone if you are not.

It's been difficult to measure how much to buy when I have no reference point for Maquina. I am a conservative buyer. So at this point, I think I have purchased enough when in fact I haven't by a long shot. For such a small company buying 5-6 bags at a time is a huge deal, and I have realized that I need to be buying AT LEAST 6 bags at a time if not more. This means that the coffee is moving well, and I am not sitting on inventory. This usually means I am spending a lot of times asking for samples, roasting them, cupping them and figuring out the logistics of it.

The best news about all of this tho, is that people love it. The customers have been crazy about every coffee I have purchased and roasted and slowly the reputation is working out to be one of real quality and ease to work with, two goals of which I am very proud of because I set out to do them and they were top priority. Now the priority down the list is to keep fully stocked to be able to provide these coffees for 3-4 months at a time.

When I keep getting more and more accounts, those 6 bags suddenly feel foolishly understocked!