Relationships and Labors of Love

Spring is here. It is difficult to understand that it's here when we got over a foot of snow just a few days ago in Pennsylvania. Now, a few days later it is 40+ degrees and what I think is the last snow of the season is melting. What a strange winter.

It's been a great learning curve both in home and work for myself and my wife who took a full time job at a great food market in order to get some benefits for the family and to provide some stability in a time where we felt anything but stable. I was put in a position where I lost benefits and stability, but I was also forced in a good way to really push Máquina forward and focus on what matters the MOST to me in regards to this brand which is quality of the coffee purchased or sourced and the quality of the roasting = brewing. Right up against those two is quality of the relationships I am starting to build with people all over the US who have found their way to us. I am humbled by the good things people have said and the praise the coffee has been getting because it's what I care about the most.

We are now in New York City with a great cafe called Third Rail. They have two locations and funny enough the owner and I know many of the same people and have never formally met until now (we haven't met yet, but we have been in contact finally). We have our coffee in Richmond Virginia and soon in Chicago and Cambridge, Mass. 

We have been getting inquiries here and there and there is even one from Rochester NY where I went to High School which is a total trip and I am super excited to really start to meet new people on this side of the country since I spent the vast majority of my coffee career on the West Coast. Spring is here, and then summer. HOT HOT and HUMID summer. I have not had too much experience with roasting in the humid heat of east coast summer so this should be interesting. Thankfully the garage keeps super cool in the summer, but it will be a great challenge to surpass to figure out temp/moisture fluctuations and keep them at a minimum for green coffee storage.