We are churning along here, roasting some great coffees for some wonderful people and trying to stay on our toes with what is going on with the rest of the country. These are some trying times so for us it is hugely important to keep making solid and meaningful connections with people regardless of those connections being "business driving" or "business positive". That just isn't good enough. I have always thought that doing things for the right reasons will right the ship, or set the vision on a clearer path and we will see if I will be proven wrong. We are in this for the long game, steady trickles of growth upward is what we seek, but only to become self sustaining. In trying to drive a bit more traffic we have thought of a few things that may work for us. One of them is a tip from a friend of offering some sort of trial bag at a really great price. 

We are working on it.

Mae works full time, and we have an almost 4 year old hyper active  daughter (aren't they all hyper active at that age tho?) so setting something up as simple as a trial coffee run takes a lot of energy and coordination both which I lack after being mostly a stay at home dad. But , we are working on it.

The other thing we have going on is the idea of eventually opening up a tasting room of sorts. A cafe seems so overdone, but when we look at some of our smaller communities around us even a regular old quality coffee shop is completely absent so then what do we do?

Do we decide to do it ourselves because we know we can kill it and bring people together over great coffee? Or do we just keep doing the wholesale + online subscription only game until we are forced to move to a larger roasting space? I like the idea of focusing on customers both subscription and wholesale without having to worry about staffing a cafe. It's so much work to open a cafe. SO MUCH WORK. I know intimately. I value time with my family, and I value the privilege to focus on what I do best which is buying and roasting coffee. However, community is a big part of our overall plan, both local and at coffee producing regions.

So I am open. Always remain open. Closed doors gather cobwebs and dust. Open doors let the air and light in. 

Onto superficial news: We will have new tshirts in a couple of weeks! New design but lovely as ever! Stay tuned.