word's out

Máquina has been receiving some press, and some amazing word of mouth love. This is exactly how we want things to go. We have friends voicing their love for us to their friends and family, and vouching for what we do well which for us it's coffee.

Our biggest challenge is figuring out how much coffee to purchase as we have no history to look at. However, what we have figured out, very fast is that nothing takes the place of quality green coffee. We must look at the COST of green coffee as something merely to be worked into the budget. NOTHING is worth sacrificing  quality for.  Every time someone send us an email or an IG or FB shout out about how much they loved the coffee, we understand how important it is to start with quality ingredients. 

Another part of our coffee purchasing is knowing when coffees have JUST landed after harvest. The more we cup and taste, the more we have realized that nothing is better than a fresh crop high quality coffee. The mouthfeel and vibrancy of all nuances is so apparent that when we cup anything else, we immediately taste the "age". Also, with high quality green in general you are more likely to get a longer shelf life in green form. All we can do is preserve what is already there, we cannot improve on it.