Happy New Year

We feel gratitude in what has been an interesting year to say the least. We have been working hard and really multi tasking on many different levels in order to keep ourselves sane and to try to thrive here in a totally different environment socially and geographically.

We took on a 30 day raw vegan diet challenge to kick start a new year and just to clean some of the nasty stuff out from 2016. Maybe we should push it to 90 days in that case!Been roasting in super cold weather which has not been fun, BUT, it is rewarding and shit is getting done and shipped out and people are really digging what we are doing from our humble abode.Sometimes I start to think about growth and what that would mean right now and I have to remember that the whole point is to maintain control, and quality of life. We want to be able to spend a lot of time with loved ones, caring for our little plot of land (which we need to figure out gardening plans soon!) and enjoying the fruits of our labor. This is what life is about no?

We have some exciting ideas we would love to implement, and we want to try a couple of things that I don’t think I have seen done before with subscription. Cross your fingers people keep digging what we are doing and that we are able to remain in the zone of quality and joy with doing something we love to do.

Coffee is a miracle in my life. Kept me out of trouble and forced me to focus and grow. Running a tiny business is consuming in so many ways, but when you are putting yourself out there to the world with every bag you ship, it just doesn’t feel like work at all. Cheers to no work, cheers to all love and cheers to damn fine coffee.

Happy New Year.