No time like the present.

I have some idea as to what I want Maquina to be but I also believe in the beauty of community and feedback loops. I think small businesses thrive or die based on customer loyalty and vision of your own company. Máquina is definitely here to roast and ship awesome coffees for our friends and family and potential new friends. We are open to see where this road takes us.

I purchased an awesome little 5 kilo Probat from a friend, and I will be crating it and shipping it out here to work on and polish and bring it back to life. It’s gonna be great to be back on a 5 kilo which is what I originally learned on. Couldn’t be more stoked really, except for maybe having my buddy Ryan Brown next to me cheering me on like way back in the day. He’s taught me a lot throughout the years about friendship and coffee and we have commiserated plenty of times about our two little daughters both nicknamed Millie. This roaster will be a great throwback for sure.

Our plans thus far is to build friendships, roast and ship great coffee and see where the road leads. Remaining open to the world is not only one of my strengths, but I think for this endeavour it’s absolutely necessary. We are going to have a blast in the next few years building this thing up and making it thoughtful and joyful and full of good stuff. Plans come a little at a time, but if you keep joining us and reading these you will get a little bit of the vision we are trying to manifest for our little company.

We want to be able to support local artisans, artists, workers, makers and builders whenever possible even if it means paying a little bit more for everything. You cannot build anything alone, you always need other people who get what you do and who will inevitably help you shape it. The goal from the coffee side is to eventually have ONLY relationship coffees. We will be sourcing from people we can call friends and in other circumstances we will be buying coffees as directly as possible from the coffee producers and using our friends logistics to bring in the coffee to roast in my garage and ship out of our local post office. We must remain present and active in our own communities because a rising tide raises all boats. For us this means building new relationships, and that's both a little daunting but exciting.