2 weeks down


She is alive!


The roaster is hooked up to propane, the triple walled ducting is set up and she is roaring! Exciting times. I roasted around 10 batches to get used to her and for the time being it is gonna be old school. No digital probes , just good old analog temp gauges forcing me to really pay attention to what the coffee is telling me to do for it. I have some very nice coffees I bought from Shrub and from Red Fox so I am excited to roast and cup these and share them with the world.

There isn’t much quality coffee around here, so it is a great place to throw down some roots because I get the pleasure of introducing people to how great coffee can be. They have no idea how good they will have it from now on. I think in many ways coffee can be such a wonderful and easy thing, and this project is going to prove that.

We are not here to impress anyone or to even create something to sell off in the future. This is seriously a labor of love for friends and family and if we happen to grow it will be in a way that makes sense for myself and my family. I still have a day job I enjoy very very much and I work with great people, so Máquina can remain my passion project and in that sense there is very little pressure to expand. I like having a work life balance. You only live once, and I wanna spend as much time with family and friends drinking delicious coffee.