2016 is has been tough.  But, we all have to keep living, for our kids, for our families, for our communities, and for ourselves.  Self-care is a radical act: not allowing ourselves to be diminished when we feel threatened or saddened or confused is both difficult and deeply powerful.  What can I do to find my center and get more grounded?

Daily rituals offer a unique opportunity to center and ground oneself.  As a daily ritual, it is already a steadying feature of life.  And when we pay attention to the rituals we perform, we can transform our mood, our mindset and our daily trajectory.  

Coffee does this for me.  As many people would say, if I don't have coffee in the morning, I feel totally unmoored, like I left my house in my pajamas and without brushing my teeth.  But when I really pay attention to my morning coffee ritual, almost an incredibly pragmatic meditation, noticing the scent, the sounds of the pouring of water and beans, grinding and pouring again, considering its color and, of course, its flavor, it is like I am steadying myself, becoming myself again.  And if I am lucky enough that someone makes coffee for me, I feel warm and taken care of, and I try to be fully aware to enjoy the process of drinking.  

I've lived in many different places, had different jobs and kitchens and weather many other things, but my coffee remains.   


 Winter walk in Stroud Reserve, PA.

Winter walk in Stroud Reserve, PA.