We started to remodel the garage to make it a roasting space. We got word our roaster ships out this Friday and will be here in a week. Super exciting stuff! I have been waiting and working towards this day most of my coffee career so I am giddy with excitement about the truck pulling up next week with our little Maquina.

We ended up having to basically build up the garage from scratch, saving only the concrete slab, the roof and most of the rafters and the siding. Everything else had to go due to age and some insect damage but all was taken care of and the garage is looking beautiful. We will have room for shipping supplies, green coffee storage and other fun coffee schwag.

I will be knee deep in creosote, brunt chaff and scrapers for a while and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long time I must admit since I have gotten dirty cleaning a machine, but I am looking forward to it like you wouldn’t believe. I cannot wait to teach my daughter how these machines work and how to roast coffee. I hope she takes to it and loves it as much as I do. I would have given anything to have had my dad teach me anything like this, so it’s time I do for her what no one did for me.