Growth does not exist in a vacuum...

The word 'community' has some strong connotations. Love it or hate it here's why I use it.

We cannot exist without other people. We cannot attain physical or emotional growth without other people. With any endeavor you take on, people will help you get to where you want to be. Máquina Coffee would not exist without the help of many people along the way. There are people here supporting me from friends and family to other small crafts people, makers and artists that I have reached out to to help me build the brand and products you see on this website. I wanted to give them a shout out because they have helped me make this possible.

First to Caleb Heisey who really worked with me on the branding and look of Máquina. I am thrilled with what we came up with and we will certainly see more interesting stuff in the near future.

Caleb Heisey

And to my awesome new friends out of Camden New Jersey who printed out beautiful tee shirts for us. They will very soon be printing up some nice hoodies for us too. They are a fantastic company completely committed to their community in NJ. 

Camden Printworks

We don't exist or create or thrive in a vacuum. Get out there and make some friends, it's completely worth it.


We are a small company, focused on doing our own thing. Still, some noticed us.